MILES McKEE is a native of Maghera, County Derry in Northern Ireland.  He is married to Gillian, a Dublin native.   Miles attended Bible College in San Marcos, Texas and since has been involved in full time ministry. He has been preaching for over 42 years. He is a frequent guest speaker at churches, conferences, and on Revelation TV, a UK Christian network. Miles and Gillian regularly travel to teach the gospel to pastors in third-world countries, recently returning from India where they work with local pastors and support an orphanage. Miles also produces a radio broadcast called ‘The Gospel Truth’ which has been heard all around the World. He also produces a weekly e-mail article called ‘The Wednesday Word’ which is sent to thousands of subscribers. He has authored several books, including ‘Jesus is God’, on the subject of the deity of Christ, and the evangelistic ‘Getting into Heaven before they close the Door’.  All of his books are available on

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