Worry and Anxiety – Helpful Scriptures

by Eric Barbee

Worry and Anxiety.  Two words that many people relate to in a very personal way.  This past Sunday morning we took a biblical approach to worry and anxiety.  That message is now up and you can hear it HERE. As I mentioned during the beginning of the sermon,  I wanted to share some of the passages – READ MORE >

Big Fancy Theological Words – DOCETISM

by Jon Sharp

  Docetism (from the Greek “dokeo” – meaning “to seem”) is an early Christian heresy that taught that Jesus Christ only seemed to have a body of human flesh, therefore the sufferings He endured were only apparent but not real. According to this false teaching, He did not really rise from the dead, but instead, after – READ MORE >

Which Bible Translation is Best?

by Jon Sharp

The common question of which Bible translation to use is very important—it concerns the most important words ever spoken, the words of God the Creator. It’s crucial to understand at the outset that behind each version is a fundamental philosophy of Bible translation. You want to make sure the version you use reproduces in your – READ MORE >